What is Starter PAC’s Mission?

Our goal is to use our deep networks in Lancaster County to recruit and train progressive candidates for office.

Why did you start Starter PAC?

The founders of our organization saw that where good campaigns run consistently, good organizing naturally follows. We want to deepen the bench of candidates and share knowledge of campaign best practices to encourage further growth and organizing. All of us live in Lancaster county and are committed to seeing it grow and thrive.

What qualifications does the Starter PAC team have?

All of us have significant and recent campaign knowledge and have served in many different roles, from campaign manager to candidate, finance chair to communications director, etc.

How much do your trainings cost?

Our trainings are all completely free of charge to attend. We encourage attendees to donate to the tech costs of providing them and appreciate these donations very much, but they are not required.

How are you funded?

We are funded by donations from people who take our trainings or believe in our work and from generous contributing organizations like Common Good. We are committed to transparency. As part of this commitment, and to set an example for other organizations, we will publicly post our campaign finance reports within two (2) weeks of filing with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of State.

What does your staff get paid?

We are a completely volunteer organization and no person on our staff is paid. We donate our time because we care about good organizing here at home.

If someone is a moderate Democrat, will you turn them away?

We train any Democrat who approaches us but our trainings emphasize progressive values.

Do you work with Republicans or third party candidates?

We do not train Republican candidates. We encourage independent and third party candidates to change their registration to Democrat because of the resources available to them within the party structure but we take independent candidates on a race by race, case by case basis.

How are you working with the local party?

We are partnering with the Democratic Party wherever feasible, including encouraging candidates to work with their local districts and committee people.

How are you partnering with other organizations like Lancaster Stands Up and LEAD PA?

We are an independent organization, but whenever practical we work with any other aligned organizations to train and support progressive candidates. It’s a big job to organize Lancaster County and we have to work as a team to get it done.

How do I get endorsed by Starter PAC?

Starter PAC is not an endorsing organization and taking our trainings does not imply endorsement. Our scope is solely recruitment and training. There is no such thing as a “Starter PAC candidate”— however, having taking our trainings will indicate to endorsing organizations that you are serious and prepared to run for office.