We are guided by the values of mutual respect, honesty, and keeping our commitments.

Mutual Respect

  • Approach debates with an open mind. Disagreements will happen, but we can maintain healthy debate and a healthy respect for one another at the same time. If you disagree with someone, assume the positive and seek to understand.
  • Respect everyone’s right to physical and mental health. Do not share comments that could be reasonably expected to make another team member feel uncomfortable or unsafe. There is a ZERO tolerance policy for sexual harassment, racism, homophobia/ transphobia, etc.
  • Help each other grow. Share your talents- it’s incumbent upon us to spread the skills we have, not hoard them.
  • Protect your teammates. If you see something inappropriate, give constructive feedback or contact the Executive Director.


  • Own what you say, write, or share. You are accountable for your own actions.
  • Give credit generously. Our ideas are going to mix together, but if an idea isn’t your own, just say so, and give fair credit.

Keeping Our Commitments

  • If you say you’ll do something, do it. If you need help, ask. If you’ve overcommitted yourself, own up to it and receive support.
  • Joining this team means committing to working with one another respectfully and with kindness.

Any team member who engages in behavior that calls into question their commitment to our shared values may be removed from the team if necessary.

Lastly, please be adults. If you have a problem with a team member, first attempt to privately address your concern with that person (if it is safe for you to do so). If you have concerns with a team member that cannot be resolved privately, please contact the Executive Director. All serious complaints will be investigated by the leadership team. Any team member determined to have committed harassment, discrimination, or have threatened another’s physical or mental safety will be immediately removed from the team.